Monday, 20 December 2010

My Generation !

I am sure everybody knows about the increase in university's fees and the student protests that have been going on across the country. This post isn't really about the fee situation per say but the protests that have been going on, yes I am a victim of the media and yes I pay more attention to the loud extravagant "interesting" looking things on the news. To be honest I've found the protests, particularly in London, rather disturbing and upsetting for a few reasons, the behaviour of these "students" that are protesting and also they way it has been reported on the news. 
Now this male/female/pink floyd offspring or whatever is an idiot if there ever was one, and if you ask me any university that would accept this individual on a course should review whatever process of recruiting students they have. 

I think protests are great, through the summer I worked in a very small plant nursery called Lady Helen Nursery in Fife for a real character of a guy who said to me "when you're at uni protest when you can, because its the only time you will ever care about anything enough to do it.". But I don't think my idea (and many other people's) of a protest is the same as these kids down south. I've found the violence and the organisation behind it all really very disturbing. The fact that they even defaced a the Cenotaph in London disturbs me even more. I just do not understand it. I can understand why someone would feel passionate or even really angry about such a topic and want to protest but there is something worrying about the way they have conducted all of this. To think if these people are students and studying sciences, law, politics and so on they would expected , at some point , to be some of the most privileged and well educated people in society and maybe even running the country. how could our society really work in the future when people being so destructive and self destructive at this age. Which makes me ask the question what is it that has made this generation like this. I don't really like the idea of living in a community with such people, people who can protest on the streets attacking police (now the police are a different story, some of them appear to be slight deviants as well which could be another blog in itself), and even royalty but when questioned by a news reporter can barely string a meaningful sentence together.

This brings me to my second point. Maybe I have got all of this wrong, maybe it is just the media which is giving me this impression. I am a student, I know lots of other students and i don't think i could imagine any of them doing a thing like that. But almost all of them I am sure could give a you a pretty good reason for why they should be at university or college, and also tell you about how poor they are too. But I haven't seen much of this on the news. Just yobs. Surely all these well educated news reporters, researchers and editors are aware of this too ? why are they not talking to them ? instead they just appear to pick random thugs off the street and ask them questions completely out of the blue. 

Now these girls have the idea, something a bit more original. 

So what does that result in? People like my Grandfather, or my Father who are very highly opinionated now just think well if these are the idiots getting into university why should they have to pay less to be there? Maybe they shouldn't be there at all and go through life the old fashioned way, then they may have a hard time, and then they may have something to protest about. But they have the completely wrong impression, they dont think, why are these people driven to such a state that they feel they must act like this?  The media are a huge part of the problem because they are controlling what some people know and don't and their opinions.  All in all its made me very worried that you cannot trust the media and that society is far too touch and go with what facts they will take on and what they wont and how peoples judgement can be so easily hazed. We are so fortunate to be in a society where we can learn more and more and see more and more of this world, it is time that we took a step back, calmed down, opened our eyes and looked at the BIG, picture. Because there is a lot there to see and not many people appear to be really looking at it. 

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