Friday, 17 December 2010

For the Record. Part 2

So you may wonder why these last couple of blogs have been called "for the record". Most of the broad range of music I listen to is pretty old as you may have gathered which is the reason I started collecting LP's. A couple years ago my parents bought me a Denon amplifier a couple of H&H speakers and Goldring record player as well as giving me all of their vinyl collection (how sentimental of them) so that kind of sparked off the obsession. If only they knew what they let themselves in for, for 2 years they have had to listen to very loud, often squeaky and a bit crackly old music. But since moving to uni all is well, Mr Groucho's has a new regular squandering money he doesn't really have and my parents hearing and sanity has been saved. Although I did bring all of my sound system home for Christmas, well a mother wouldn't leave their child in a strange flat for a month would she!

Some of my favourite bands and singers consist of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young (never know how to talk about that bunch , they just cant decide if they are a band , individual artists or what), Simon and Garfunkel (the have a similar sound to Bob Dylan I think but i get bored of Bob Dylan a bit more quickly than these two) The Eagles, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Chuck Berry, Duane Allman and The Allman Brother (Duane Allman , now that dude can play guitar as good as Hendrix or any other man if you ask me but you never hear about him, upsetting), James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and the list could go on forever. Anyway to end this little musical phase of blogging I have some images of a couple of record's I enjoy , I don't have many albums with "classic" or "popular" artwork but these are my favourites which I own (they do sound better than they look). You can safely say an I tunes screen looks no where near as nice as an album cover. Visualisers do not count, and the ones that move too quickly and flash just give me a sore head.

A brilliant album, takes the sting out of a day at the drawing bored or on autocad no problem at all, one of those albums where you never care to change a track.
Again track after track of complete and utter bliss and I love the little chats they have between songs (being live) asking the audience to hush up when they are playing acoustic or wooden music as these old hippies like to call it. Mr Groucho's said I had a good eye to pick out this one, the cover may have been tatty as a raggedy horse but inside there are two perfect chunks of Bakelite holding some real music that has clearly been loved and probably seen some crazy things!

 Meat Loaf, Bat out of Hell. I think most people who bought any music in the 70's had this album. I love how everything about it, music and album cover, is so . . . Mr Loaf. You can look at some album covers now and those wacky kids who do illustration create something that is like decrypting some sort of impossible puzzle. But oh no not with Meat Loaf and who cares if it's OTT, it's FUN!

And last but not least , Deja Vu, a great all rounder for CSNY but i hate to say I do like a little bit more of Neil Young, he just knocks me out. Note how David Crosby is the one holding a gun despite this the images inside the cover just make me want a fringed jacket like his.  


  1. I feel I have read this record review somewhere before .... just kidding.

  2. Perhaps lacking some originality!