Sunday, 24 April 2011

15 Dovecot park - 3

Building the roof.

Once the gabel end was arected the template truss is brought back into position. Its position depends on the size of over hang of the roof eves and the positioning of the 600 centres for the other trusses. The eves of the roof are supported by a special truss called a ladder. This supports the slight cantilever of the roof eve. 

From this stage the other trusses are broght into position at 600 centres. The shoe of each truss sits in a metal truss hanger or truss clip. braces are nailed into position to stop racking at this stage. It is vital that the trusses run square and parallel because when osb board is nailed on at a later date it will need the supports to be nailed to. The osb replaces the braces and keeps the roof rigid and square as well as being a covering.   

Once the roof trusses are in place the overhang for the roof is fitted so facia and soffet boards can be attached. At this stage it is important to balance out any differences in size and alignment between the old and new roofs caused by using slightly different materials and different standards.

Quite a transformation from the picture at the beginning of this post !

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