Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Wander Around Magdalen Green

A few weeks into University I decided to wander around town taking photographs for an Inspiring place project. I had been to the docks, the road bridge, the Law hill so thought it would be appropriate to have a look at somewhere in a different area of the town. Oh and also try out my new eos 450d which I have absolutely no idea how to work!!! So basically this post is just a collection of pictures I took of some things I thought were rather interesting and inspiring. 

These are a couple of images of the Tay Rope Works. Which I think is in a concervation area and was going to be demolished. I thought it was a rather interesting wee building as this facade suggests its really a rather small place. Would be interesting to go inside and see if it opens up into an expanse of workshop space or something. I also the the windows were rather interesting and would possibly create an interesting light quality inside the building.

 These two images were taken along "Strawberry Lane" a rather impressive narrow lane that stretches all the way up to Perth Road, there were some nice old houses along the way and also the road surface was rather interesting. Constantly changing from cobbles to patches of tar, brick and all sorts of various materials. The image on the left is of a house about half way along the lane, cant imagine it would get much in the way of light at times but I found it rather interesting and "quaint". 

The above images are from the allotment at the end of the magdalin. I've always been fascinated by gardening since a very young age, not very "cool" I know but being brought up in the countryside the garden is a place where you spend allot of time. It was rather nice being in the peace and tranquillity of the allotments and i must say the architecture and engineering was rather remarkable as i am sure you can see in the above right hand image. I think gardens and outdoor space is something I may incorporate into allot of my ideas when it comes to me designing a building. 

The two above images are of a stairwell in a block of flats, the sky light at the top of the stair well creates a really interesting effect with light and gave the space a really interesting atmosphere , it wasn't a particularly "nice" place. But the effect was interesting none the less. 

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